About Us

Proposal for Police Service Dog and Training


Thank you for your interest in Adlerhorst. We are a two generation family owned business situated on 7 1/2 acres in Western Riverside County, California.

Our principal  owner/operators are Dave & Pip Reaver, Michael & Veronique Reaver and Jack Reaver.

Since 1976 we have provided quality Police Service Dogs to over 500 law enforcement agencies in the United States and several foreign countries. We have evolved to be one of the largest private Police Dog Schools in the world. During this era we have introduced many theories and techniques that are considered state of the art today.

Instructor Staff

We offer an optimal combination of law enforcement and canine experience.

All our staff have a minimum of 10 years experience training police service dogs. Additionally, we have a continual training program for new instructors. Three of our instructors are former police canine supervisors, four are former handlers with law enforcement agencies.

Our  instructors are certified California P.O.S.T. evaluators, as well community college instructors.

Our training director has over 45 years experience both in Europe and this country training dogs, 35 of those years are police service dog training. He has a lifetime teaching credential from the State of California with a specialty in Police Science.

Service Dog Procurement

We are the innovators of procuring dogs with a strong genetic as well as a working background. From inception we purchased dogs with a European working title, hips, backs and elbows x-rayed and a vet check done personally in Europe prior to shipping. We have a vehicle in Europe capable of transporting 17 dogs, as well as a trailer for an additional 10. We lease kennel facilities in Holland capable of holding 40 dogs.

All of our dogs are guaranteed against all congenital and performance  issues for 12 months.

Procurement trips are made every 6 weeks. Each dog is tested comprehensively by David or Michael Reaver.

Our testing process is conducted on neutral turf, often in a building. Many European handlers/trainers consider our testing process the most comprehensive they have observed.

The techniques and testing standards we introduced over the years have caused many European agencies to reassess their testing and procurement policies.


  • All of our classes are community college credit classes sponsored by Santa An Community College.
  • Currently we are the only presenter of a 24 hour California P.O.S.T. certified re-certification class.
  • Our 240 hour basic patrol class is based on a comprehensive published standard. The program has been tested 50+ times in court with a 100% success rate! Graduate teams are guaranteed to meet any required National or International standard.
  • Our detection classes include narcotics, explosive, arson and cadaver training. All licenses are in place from DEA and ATF, as well as a CHP license to transport explosives.
  • We offer a 16 hour agitator class that not only teaches proper techniques but behavior theories as well. A limited advanced agitator class is available as well.
  • Additionally we offer a monthly maintenance program either on site in Riverside or off site as required. Currently we train in multiple areas in California, as well as Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. An informational brochure describing this service is on our web site.