C.R. Smith, Doug Kelley, Gregg Yerington, Mike Reaver, Dave Reaver

All our instructors have completed a comprehensive instructor training program.

Complete CV available upon request.


Dave ReaverDavid Reaver

Involved in training of Police & Sport Dogs for over 40 years. Started Adlerhorst in 1976, and has been the innovator of using the imported dog for Police Service. Mr. Reaver has been the trend setter in the training of service dogs for almost 30 years.

Mr. Reaver was a reserve Police Officer for 20 years.









C.R. Smith


C.R. Smith

C.R. became a handler in 1981, and ultimately the supervisor for a Los Angles area K-9 unit. He began instructing for Adlerhorst part time in 1985. Sine his retirement from law enforcement after 29 years he has been a full time instructor for Adlerhorst as well as the SKIDDS school.












Ed Nicks

Ed was a Police Officer and a supervisor for 33 years. He first became a dog handler in 1979.  He has also been active in the Schutzhund sport for many years. He has been with Adlerhorst full time since his retirement in 2003. Ed resides in West Texas and does much of our satellite training in the Southwest.







Gregg Yerington

Gregg has twenty three years of Law enforcement Experience, eight years working a dual purpose k-9, and swat Unit. Greg Yerington started agitating at Adlerhorst in 1991, and he currently is our detection instructor. Additionally, Gregg Yerington assist’s with detection and patrol maintenance, and annual Re-Certifications







Doug KelleyDoug Kelley

Doug was a Police Officer for 20 years, and a handler for 7. He has been an instructor for Adlerhorst since 1999.   Doug is one of the instructors for our 6 week Basic Handler Course.  In addition he does the maintenance training for our Northern California Group and Palm Springs.  He is one of the instructors for POST re-certification and patrol re-certifications.






Paul Western  










Daryl Gaunt

Daryl Gaunt began working with dogs by decoying for Inglewood police department 1978.He also worked with the Los Angeles Schutzhund Club where he held the position of Vice President and Assistant Training Director. He then went onto the Army for eight years and was a military dog handler for four years. He worked as a Deputy Sheriff for Los Angeles County since 1991 and has been assigned to the canine unit since 2003.He is currently working a SWAT patrol dog and explosive detection dog Handler.






Tom Brown

Tom Brown has worked for the Pasadena Police Department for the last twenty four years. Tom worked as a decoy for five years before becoming a K-9 handler. Tom worked a cross-trained patrol dog for nine years. He has worked for Adlerhorst since 2008 after completing the Post Evaluators Course. Tom works as a Post Evaluator for patrol and narcotic re-certification classes. Tom is currently working monthly narcotic maintenance and the Basic Narcotic Classes









Glen Anderson

Glen Anderson

Glen Anderson worked for the Rialto Police Department and has over 20 years in Law Enforcement.  He has over 14 years as a canine handler / trainer.  He currently works the monthly narcotic maintenance classes for drug detection.









Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy woMike McCarthy Dogrks for Santa Ana Police Department and has over 17 years in Law Enforcement.  He has over 13 years as a canine handler / trainer.   He is qualified by California POST as a subject matter expert in canine operations.  He is qualified as a California POST training evaluator for all aspects of canine certifications.  He currently works the monthly maintenance narcotic training for Orange County.