Curriculum Vitae David Reaver


Mr. Reaver became involved with Police Dog Training in 1960 in Germany and Holland where he assisted in training Police  & Sport Dogs while training several dogs of his own.

Upon returning to this country, he continued his education in the area of working dogs and returned to Europe frequently for updated training. He became involved in the Schutzhund sport in this country during its forming stages in 1972. He was training director and held office in several Schutzhund Clubs.

During the 1970’s, he became aware of a procurement and training program used by most law enforcement agencies that had not changed in many years. As an extension of his interest in dogs he set out to introduce more current techniques from Europe.


  • Founder and president of Adlerhorst International LLC.
  • Since 1976 more than 4,500 dogs have been trained for police service at our facility. This includes patrol, narcotics, explosives, arson, search & rescue as well as IED detection dogs for route clearance and the first suicide bomber dogs in this Country.
  • First to implement a program based on importing pre trained dogs. This has proven to be the most cost effective method of providing dogs and training. This is now the industry standard.
  • Provided dogs for over 450 law enforcement agencies.
  • Introduced the guard & bark deployment to law enforcement in 1976.
  • First in California to have a comprehensive written standard of performance.
  • First to do a practical police dog demonstration in Superior and Federal Courts. This has evolved into being qualified for courts in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Ohio and Kansas as an expert in dog behavior, training and deployment of police service dogs, as well as detection dogs and privately owned dogs. With an additional qualification as a dog bite expert. Testified in two appellate decisions favorable to law enforcement, Estes Vs California Department of Corrections and Vera Cruz Vs Escondido. In all cases involving our training, allegations of negligence in training or deployment were never sustained.
  • From 1982 to 1988, Mr. Reaver took a team of 5 American Police Dog Handlers to the International Police Dog Championships in Germany. Acted as team captain and trainer, as well as an American representative to the International Police Dog Congress meeting conducted in conjunction with the competition. Twice during the competition we received an award for the top tracking score.
  • Mr. Reaver was a reserve police officer from 1977 to 1997. In that capacity he has acted as department trainer for Fontana Police Department. Additionally, he was assigned to the S.W.A.T team as a dog handler.
  • Holds a lifetime teaching credential from The California Community Colleges for Police Science. This includes all aspects of police dog training as well as instruction in weaponless defense (Judo).
  • Has instructed for Chaffee College, Riverside Community College, Rancho Santiago College, Rio Hondo College, Riverside Sheriffs Dept. and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in P.O.S.T. certified classes. Additionally he has conducted P.O.S.T. equivalent classes in Texas, New Mexico, Idaho, Oregon  & Arizona.
  • Developed first P.O.S.T. certified canine related class in 1984. Currently instructs in, or provides instructors for four P.O.S.T. certified classes in California, as well as P.O.S.T. equivalent re certification classes in New Mexico & Arizona.
  • Consulted  and exchanged information with representatives from police dog  /schools in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Luxembourg, Brazil, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Japan & China
  • Published numerous articles on police dog training and deployment.
  • Our training program was selected by the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division as the model for Police Service Dog training in the United States. Currently we have courses certified for college credit through Santa Ana College.
  • Qualified as dog behaviorist as well as a dog bite expert in incidents involving both Police Service Dogs and private dogs.



Conversant in both the German & Dutch languages.



German Shepherd Dog Club
United Schutzhund Clubs of America
Schaferhunde Verein (SV)(German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany)
K.N.P.V. (Royal Netherlands Police Dog Association)
D.V.G. (German all breed working dog club)
Inland Empire Police Canine Association
Orange County Police Canine Association
Los Angeles County Police Canine Association
California Narcotics Officers Canine Association
United States Judo Association
United States Martial Arts Association.
Oregon Police Canine Association
Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association
National Police Canine Association
California Lifetime Teaching Credential.
Certified California P.O.S.T. Instructor.
P.O.S.T. Evaluator.
German Kennel Club Certificate of Merit.
D.E.A. licensed.
Certified Judo Instructor. U.S.J.A.
Licensed Electrical Contractor, State of California.
A.T.F. Licensed.
California Highway Patrol licensed to transport explosives for training.