Explosives Detection Course

Training for canine explosive teams is a highly specialized endeavor that requires some of the highest standards and handler dedication of any form of canine training. This is not a modified drug detection class taught by drug detection trainers. This is a specialized class offering comprehensive training and practical skills designed to prepare EDC teams for today’s current threat atmosphere.

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Course will include and is not limited to:

  • Understanding the terrorist assault structure
  • Effective application of the EDC as a counter terrorist tool
  • Lessons learned from the Middle East
  • Explosives; familiarity and safe handling procedures
  • Knowledge of basic IED and booby trap concept and design
  • Construction of training aids
  • Efficient search procedures, prioritizing, safety considerations
  • Maintenance/enhancement procedures
  • Scene evaluation and deployment procedures
  • Threat assessment; comprehending the totality of the picture, credible versus non credible, packages, etc.
  • Understanding and applying operant conditioning methodology
  • Explosives odor recognition, development of generalization capabilities
  • Conditioned response to target odors; focused indication, stare at source
  • Handler independent alert
  • Search patterns; vehicles, buildings, open air, etc.