Handler Development Course


Basic Canine Handler Development

Download the Basic Canine Handler Development Course Flyer

This 40 hour technical course is designed for law enforcement dog handlers, their supervisors, administrators and risk managers.  This in-depth class covers a variety of information to increase your program’s efficiency while decreasing your liability.


  • The species canine and the law enforcement canine, chronological history.
  • How the dog learns.
  • The application to law enforcement.
  • Field tactics.
  • Officer Safety.
  • Veterinary care.
  • Legal aspects.  Case law past and recent.
  • “Guard & Bark,” what is best for your agency. Includes practical hands on demonstrations and applications.
  • Techniques to change over to “guard & bark.”
  • Techniques to enhance “guard & bark.”

“The guard & bark deployment is the future of all police dog training in this country.  We will use your program as the benchmark for all others to conform to.”

 Quote, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Special litigation Section.