What is the Community Standard?

The new generation of Police Dogs in the Western States started in the mid 1970’s. During this period much has changed in the procurement, training, certifying and ongoing training concepts. Prior to 1975 the primary source for service dogs, both police & military, were people’s back yards. For the most part these dogs could be … [Read more…]

Guard & Bark

Viewed From the Behavioral Science Perspective As an individual who began my canine education in Europe some 40 years ago I accepted many concepts from old masters. The goals in training being to pass an examination for man & dog. The testing process was, and still is, used to measure a dog’s worthiness and a … [Read more…]

Release Techniques

Revised October 2011  The concept of having a “clean out” has been accepted by virtually the entire police K-9 community. However, we still encounter handlers that feel their dog becomes stronger if they are choked off the bite. They soon develop a disobedient dog, not a stronger dog. Unfortunately, this seems to be a very … [Read more…]