Product Prices


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Protective Equipment:



Ambidextrous Sleeve
Ambidextrous Bite Sleeve$195
Ambidextrous CoverAmbidextrous Bite Sleeve Cover$75

Bite Sleeve
German Bite Sleeve with Bite Bar$195
Bite Sleeve CoverGerman Bite Sleeve Jute Cover$50

Bite Suit
Lightweight Bite Suit$1,650

Bite Suit Jacket
Lightweight Bite Suit Jacket$825

Bite Suit Pants
Lightweight Bite Suit Pants$825
Bite Suit ArmBite Suit Replacement Arm$235
Bite Suit CoverBite Suit Arm or Leg Cover$75

Neoprene Gauntlet
Neoprene Gauntlet$45
Double GauntletDouble Gauntlet$60
Hand ProtectorHand Protector ~ Plastic$65

Hand Protector
1 Hand Protector ~ Leather (German Design)$55

Training Aids:



Blank GunBlank Training Gun$269
Shotgun PrimersAmmo$8

Detection Kit
Detection Kit$406
Detection Box SmallSmall Hide-a-Scent Box$31
Detection Box MediumMedium Hide-a-Scent Box$37
Detection Box Medium LongMedium Long$43
Detection TubePlastic Detection Tube$30
Double Detection TubePlastic Double Detection Tube$75
ScentLogixInert Explosive ProductsCall

Hot-Shot Prod
Hot-Shot Prod~Green (Solid State Rechargeable)$150
Hot-Shot StickHot-Shot Replacement Stick 2′$25

Leather Stick
Leather Covered Stick$26

Jute Training Aid
Jute Training Aid$10
Toy BallRubber Ball on String$9
Toy Puppy BurlapBurlap Starter Toy$10

K-9 Equipment:



Einstein CollarComplete Product LineCatalog Price

Complete Product LineCatalog Price
Ray AllenComplete Product LineCatalog Price
K-9 StormComplete Product LineCatalog Price
GarminComplete Product LineCatalog Price
Trident K9Complete Product LineCatalog Price
Collar / DogtraDogtra 1900NCPCatalog Price
Collar / Dogtra No BarkDogtra YS500 No Bark$85
Collar / EinsteinEinstein E-Collar$270
Collar / Einstein BarkEinstein Bark Collar$90
Collar / Einstein Belt ClipEinstein Belt Clip$9
Collar / Fur

Fur Saver Choke Collar – Nickel$10
Collar / Fur Saver BlackBlack Fur Saver K-9 Collar$28
Collar / PinchPinch Collar / Chrome$40
Collar /

Pinch SS
Pinch Collar / Stainless Steel$40
Collar / Pinch SS BlackPinch Collar / Black Stainless Steel$45
HarnessK-9 Storm$170
HarnessVariousCatalog Price
HarnessNylon w/Handle XL$240
Leash 12” N12” Nylon Traffic Lead Bolt or QR$15

Leash 12” L
12” Leather Traffic Lead Bolt or QR$18
Leash 3’ N3’ Nylon Leash Bolt or QR$25

Leash 3’ L
3’ Leather Leash Bolt or QR$28
Leash 4.5’ N4.5’ Nylon Leash Bolt or QR$30
Leash 4.5’ L4.5’ Leather Leash Bolt or QR$31
Leash 6’ N6’ Nylon Leash Bolt or QR$33

Leash 6’ L
6’ Leather Leash Bolt or QR$35
Leash 10’ N10′ Nylon Long Line$29
Leash 10′ L10′ Leather Detection Leash$45
Leash 15’ N15′ Nylon Long Line$30

Leash 4’ Gripper
4’ Gripper Leash$28
Leash 6’ Gripper6’ Gripper Leash$30

Leash 30′ Tracking
30’ Nylon Tracking Leash$35
Leash 50′ Tracking50’ Nylon Tracking Leash$40

Leash / Retractable
Retractable Long Line$62

“Kind” Heavy Duty Leather Basket Muzzle$240
CrateShipping Crate$150
Metal Collapsible CrateShipping CrateCatalog Price
2-n-1 Grooming2-n-1 Grooming Tool$35

German Rake
German Rake Brush$15
German SlickerGerman Slicker Brush$10




Small Buddy Bowl
Buddy Bowl 44 oz$20

Large Buddy Bowl
Buddy Bowl 64 oz$25

Water/ Food Bowl
Stainless Steel Bowl – 3qt$12

Water Hole
Plastic No-Spill Water Hole$8
Water Hole SSStainless Steel No-Spill Water Hole$25
Lixit“Lixit” Automatic Waterer$14
Dog FoodKinetic$54
Vittle VaultFood Container$35




Pooper Scoop
Pooper Scoop$40

Decal II
Dog Head Decal Set ~ Small$15
Decal IIIDog Head Decal Set ~ Large$18

Fence Signs
Fence Signs ~ “Caution Dog on Property”$12

Tracking Manual
Tracking Manual (Patterson)$25


* All prices subject to change.

All dog and equipment sales are subject to 8% California Sales Tax.